Q:Missing static files?
A:Make sure either to set the static_files = true in the .ini file or double check the root path for your http setup. It should point to for example: /home/my-virtual-python/lib/python3.7/site-packages/kallithea/public

Q:Can’t install celery/rabbitmq?
A:Don’t worry. Kallithea works without them, too. No extra setup is required. Try out the great Celery docs for further help.

Q:Long lasting push timeouts?
A:Make sure you set a longer timeout in your proxy/fcgi settings. Timeouts are caused by the http server and not Kallithea.

Q:Large pushes timeouts?
A:Make sure you set a proper max_body_size for the http server. Very often Apache, Nginx, or other http servers kill the connection due to to large body.

Q:Apache doesn’t pass basicAuth on pull/push?
A:Make sure you added WSGIPassAuthorization true.

Q:Git fails on push/pull?
A:Make sure you’re using a WSGI http server that can handle chunked encoding such as waitress or gunicorn.

Q:How can I use hooks in Kallithea?
A:It’s easy if they are Python hooks: just use advanced link in hooks section in Admin panel, that works only for Mercurial. If you want to use Git hooks, just install th proper one in the repository, e.g., create a file /gitrepo/hooks/pre-receive. You can also use Kallithea-extensions to connect to callback hooks, for both Git and Mercurial.

Q:Kallithea is slow for me, how can I make it faster?
A:See the Optimizing Kallithea performance section.

Q:UnicodeDecodeError on Apache mod_wsgi
A:Please read:

Q:Requests hanging on Windows
A:Please try out with disabled Antivirus software, there are some known problems with Eset Antivirus. Make sure you have installed the latest Windows patches (especially KB2789397).