Repository locking

Kallithea has a repository locking feature, disabled by default. When enabled, every initial clone and every pull gives users (with write permission) the exclusive right to do a push.

When repository locking is enabled, repositories get a locked flag. The hg/git commands hg/git clone, hg/git pull, and hg/git push influence this state:

  • A clone or pull action locks the target repository if the user has write/admin permissions on this repository.
  • Kallithea will remember the user who locked the repository so only this specific user can unlock the repo by performing a push command.
  • Every other command on a locked repository from this user and every command from any other user will result in an HTTP return code 423 (Locked). Additionally, the HTTP error will mention the user that locked the repository (e.g., “repository <repo> locked by user <user>”).

Each repository can be manually unlocked by an administrator from the repository settings menu.