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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

comments model for Kallithea

This file was forked by the Kallithea project in July 2014.
Original author and date, and relevant copyright and licensing information is below:
:created_on: Nov 11, 2011
:author: marcink
:copyright: (c) 2013 RhodeCode GmbH, and others.
:license: GPLv3, see for more details.

import logging

from pylons.i18n.translation import _
from collections import defaultdict

from kallithea.lib.utils2 import extract_mentioned_users, safe_unicode
from kallithea.lib import helpers as h
from kallithea.model import BaseModel
from kallithea.model.db import ChangesetComment, User, \
    Notification, PullRequest
from kallithea.model.notification import NotificationModel
from kallithea.model.meta import Session

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ChangesetCommentsModel(BaseModel): cls = ChangesetComment def __get_changeset_comment(self, changeset_comment): return self._get_instance(ChangesetComment, changeset_comment) def __get_pull_request(self, pull_request): return self._get_instance(PullRequest, pull_request) def _extract_mentions(self, s): user_objects = [] for username in extract_mentioned_users(s): user_obj = User.get_by_username(username, case_insensitive=True) if user_obj: user_objects.append(user_obj) return user_objects def _get_notification_data(self, repo, comment, user, comment_text, line_no=None, revision=None, pull_request=None, status_change=None, closing_pr=False): """ :returns: tuple (subj,body,recipients,notification_type,email_kwargs) """ # make notification body = comment_text # text of the comment line = '' if line_no: line = _('on line %s') % line_no #changeset if revision: notification_type = Notification.TYPE_CHANGESET_COMMENT cs = repo.scm_instance.get_changeset(revision) desc = cs.short_id threading = ['%s-rev-%s@%s' % (repo.repo_name, revision, h.canonical_hostname())] if line_no: # TODO: url to file _and_ line number threading.append('%s-rev-%s-line-%s@%s' % (repo.repo_name, revision, line_no, h.canonical_hostname())) comment_url = h.canonical_url('changeset_home', repo_name=repo.repo_name, revision=revision, anchor='comment-%s' % comment.comment_id) subj = safe_unicode( h.link_to('Re changeset: %(desc)s %(line)s' % \ {'desc': desc, 'line': line}, comment_url) ) # get the current participants of this changeset recipients = ChangesetComment.get_users(revision=revision) # add changeset author if it's known locally cs_author = User.get_from_cs_author( if not cs_author: #use repo owner if we cannot extract the author correctly cs_author = repo.user recipients += [cs_author] email_kwargs = { 'status_change': status_change, 'cs_comment_user': user.full_name_and_username, 'cs_target_repo': h.canonical_url('summary_home', repo_name=repo.repo_name), 'cs_comment_url': comment_url, 'raw_id': revision, 'message': cs.message, 'repo_name': repo.repo_name, 'short_id': h.short_id(revision), 'branch': cs.branch, 'comment_username': user.username, 'threading': threading, } #pull request elif pull_request: notification_type = Notification.TYPE_PULL_REQUEST_COMMENT desc = comment.pull_request.title _org_ref_type, org_ref_name, _org_rev = comment.pull_request.org_ref.split(':') threading = ['%s-pr-%s@%s' % (pull_request.other_repo.repo_name, pull_request.pull_request_id, h.canonical_hostname())] if line_no: # TODO: url to file _and_ line number threading.append('%s-pr-%s-line-%s@%s' % (pull_request.other_repo.repo_name, pull_request.pull_request_id, line_no, h.canonical_hostname())) comment_url = pull_request.url(canonical=True, anchor='comment-%s' % comment.comment_id) subj = safe_unicode( h.link_to('Re pull request %(pr_nice_id)s: %(desc)s %(line)s' % \ {'desc': desc, 'pr_nice_id': comment.pull_request.nice_id(), 'line': line}, comment_url) ) # get the current participants of this pull request recipients = ChangesetComment.get_users(pull_request_id= pull_request.pull_request_id) # add pull request author recipients += [pull_request.owner] # add the reviewers to notification recipients += [x.user for x in pull_request.reviewers] #set some variables for email notification email_kwargs = { 'pr_title': pull_request.title, 'pr_nice_id': pull_request.nice_id(), 'status_change': status_change, 'closing_pr': closing_pr, 'pr_comment_url': comment_url, 'pr_comment_user': user.full_name_and_username, 'pr_target_repo': h.canonical_url('summary_home', repo_name=pull_request.other_repo.repo_name), 'repo_name': pull_request.other_repo.repo_name, 'ref': org_ref_name, 'comment_username': user.username, 'threading': threading, } return subj, body, recipients, notification_type, email_kwargs
[docs] def create(self, text, repo, user, revision=None, pull_request=None, f_path=None, line_no=None, status_change=None, closing_pr=False, send_email=True): """ Creates a new comment for either a changeset or a pull request. status_change and closing_pr is only for the optional email. Returns the created comment. """ if not status_change and not text: log.warning('Missing text for comment, skipping...') return None repo = self._get_repo(repo) user = self._get_user(user) comment = ChangesetComment() comment.repo = repo = user comment.text = text comment.f_path = f_path comment.line_no = line_no if revision is not None: comment.revision = revision elif pull_request is not None: pull_request = self.__get_pull_request(pull_request) comment.pull_request = pull_request else: raise Exception('Please specify revision or pull_request_id') Session().add(comment) Session().flush() if send_email: (subj, body, recipients, notification_type, email_kwargs) = self._get_notification_data( repo, comment, user, comment_text=text, line_no=line_no, revision=revision, pull_request=pull_request, status_change=status_change, closing_pr=closing_pr) email_kwargs['is_mention'] = False # create notification objects, and emails NotificationModel().create( created_by=user, subject=subj, body=body, recipients=recipients, type_=notification_type, email_kwargs=email_kwargs, ) mention_recipients = set(self._extract_mentions(body))\ .difference(recipients) if mention_recipients: email_kwargs['is_mention'] = True subj = _('[Mention]') + ' ' + subj NotificationModel().create( created_by=user, subject=subj, body=body, recipients=mention_recipients, type_=notification_type, email_kwargs=email_kwargs ) return comment
def delete(self, comment): comment = self.__get_changeset_comment(comment) Session().delete(comment) return comment
[docs] def get_comments(self, repo_id, revision=None, pull_request=None): """ Gets general comments for either revision or pull_request. Returns a list, ordered by creation date. """ return self._get_comments(repo_id, revision=revision, pull_request=pull_request, inline=False)
[docs] def get_inline_comments(self, repo_id, revision=None, pull_request=None): """ Gets inline comments for either revision or pull_request. Returns a list of tuples with file path and list of comments per line number. """ comments = self._get_comments(repo_id, revision=revision, pull_request=pull_request, inline=True) paths = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(list)) for co in comments: paths[co.f_path][co.line_no].append(co) return paths.items()
def _get_comments(self, repo_id, revision=None, pull_request=None, inline=False): """ Gets comments for either revision or pull_request_id, either inline or general. """ q = Session().query(ChangesetComment) if inline: q = q.filter(ChangesetComment.line_no != None)\ .filter(ChangesetComment.f_path != None) else: q = q.filter(ChangesetComment.line_no == None)\ .filter(ChangesetComment.f_path == None) if revision: q = q.filter(ChangesetComment.revision == revision)\ .filter(ChangesetComment.repo_id == repo_id) elif pull_request: pull_request = self.__get_pull_request(pull_request) q = q.filter(ChangesetComment.pull_request == pull_request) else: raise Exception('Please specify either revision or pull_request') return q.order_by(ChangesetComment.created_on).all()