Repository statisticsΒΆ

Kallithea has a repository statistics feature, disabled by default. When enabled, the amount of commits per committer is visualized in a timeline. This feature can be enabled using the Enable statistics checkbox on the repository Settings page.

The statistics system makes heavy demands on the server resources, so in order to keep a balance between usability and performance, statistics are cached inside the database and gathered incrementally.

When Celery is disabled:

On each first visit to the summary page a set of 250 commits are parsed and added to the statistics cache. This incremental gathering also happens on each visit to the statistics page, until all commits are fetched.

Statistics are kept cached until additional commits are added to the repository. In such a case Kallithea will only fetch the new commits when updating its statistics cache.

When Celery is enabled:

On the first visit to the summary page, Kallithea will create tasks that will execute on Celery workers. These tasks will gather all of the statistics until all commits are parsed. Each task parses 250 commits, then launches a new task.