Debugging Kallithea

If you encounter problems with Kallithea, here are some instructions on how to debug them.


First make sure you’re using the latest version available.

Enable detailed debug

Kallithea uses the standard Python logging module to log its output. By default only loggers with INFO level are displayed. To enable full output change level = DEBUG for all logging handlers in the currently used .ini file. This change will allow you to see much more detailed output in the log file or console. This generally helps a lot to track issues.

Enable interactive debug mode

To enable interactive debug mode simply comment out set debug = false in the .ini file. This will trigger an interactive debugger each time there is an error in the browser, or send a http link if an error occurred in the backend. This is a great tool for fast debugging as you get a handy Python console right in the web view.


NEVER ENABLE THIS ON PRODUCTION! The interactive console can be a serious security threat to your system.