Version control systems setup

Kallithea supports Git and Mercurial repositories out-of-the-box. For Git, you do need the git command line client installed on the server.

You can always disable Git or Mercurial support by editing the file kallithea/ and commenting out the backend. For example, to disable Git but keep Mercurial enabled:

    'hg': 'Mercurial repository',
    #'git': 'Git repository',

Git-specific setup

Web server with chunked encoding

Large Git pushes require an HTTP server with support for chunked encoding for POST. The Python web servers waitress and gunicorn (Linux only) can be used. By default, Kallithea uses waitress for gearbox serve instead of the built-in paste WSGI server.

The web server used by gearbox is controlled in the .ini file:

use = egg:waitress#main


use = egg:gunicorn#main

Also make sure to comment out the following options:

threadpool_workers =
threadpool_max_requests =
use_threadpool =

Increasing Git HTTP POST buffer size

If Git pushes fail with HTTP error code 411 (Length Required), you may need to increase the Git HTTP POST buffer. Run the following command as the user that runs Kallithea to set a global Git variable to this effect:

git config --global http.postBuffer 524288000